Saturday, June 4, 2011


Whenever Em & I see or hear of something we need to own to do we simply label it "vital" and this new find is definitely in the vital category.
Now of course everyone who looks at blogs or loves fashion has seen the Celine clutch that is to die for.
(seen below)
Photo credit: Harpers Bazaar

And then you have most likely seen American Apparels version (seen below)

Photo credit: American Apparel

I still don't know why I don't own one...or make one (well actually I do know that answer i hate sewing zippers) but then I stumbled upon CutlyInTheCity's Etsy shop and was blown away.  I loved the colored zippers, the vibrant faux leather, and of course the price! Being a Chicago girl I  may just need to place an order.  Be sure to check out her Etsy page

                         Large Blue Faux-Leather Clutch

                                                                 Photo Credit: Etsy

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