Monday, April 25, 2011

Water For Elephants

After seeing Water For Elephants I was mostly inspired by the fashions and old time charm seen in Reese Witherspoon's outfits.  Although I did not think her acting was up to par I did love her costumes.  The look on the left was based off of her characters "work" clothes when dealing with meeting Rosie for the first time.  The look on the right was based off of her glamorous cocktail attire seen throughout the film.

Love for the lads.

There is nothing better than spotting a well dressed man.  I absolutely love mens fashion and on my daily dish of stalking I got a little carried away when picking out my favorite menswear looks and thought I would share. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The perfect bag accessory.

Have a boring purse you are looking to spruce up for spring? Look no further than "TASSELS BY LEAF"  On my last trip to Spitalfields market in London I came across this tassels stand.  I was instantly drawn to the booth considering I have had a strange fascination with tassels ever since I was a baby.  I love they way they look & feel and would always rip them off of my Moms pillows when I was a toddler.  TASSELS BY LEAF offers gorgeous tassels that can be used in a variety of different ways.  I personally would LOVE to tie them to a solid colored purse to bring it to life.  

Check out their website

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blogger Crushes

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Miss London

London I am going to miss you.
I’m going to miss the beautiful sights
I’m going to miss the hustle and bustle
I’m going to miss the dapper men
I’m going to miss the outrageously stylish girls
I’m going to miss the cuffed trousers and bright socks
I’m going to miss the fact that right at 11 in the afternooyou can find a pub filled with people
I’m going to miss they way you say “hiya”
I’m going to miss the fish & chips in SoHo
I’m going to miss the Hawley Arms
I’m going to miss the way everyone says “cheers”
I’m going to miss the food from Brick Lane
I’m going to miss walking into my favorite pub and already have my pint get poured
I’m going to miss riding the top of a double decker
I’m going to miss being able to walk everywhere
I’m going to miss the expression “getting pissed”
I’m going to miss Kensington Gardens
I’m going to miss my flat
I’m going to miss edgy-Edgware road….kinda
I’m going to miss blasting Adele
I'm going to miss The London College of Fashion
Until we meet again London, I will miss you every moment of everyday

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random inspiration

Loving yourself, having no expections for others to love you.
Keith Richards-his autobiography will be my summer read, his effortlessly cool style is eternally inspiring.
Taylor Momsen-badass.
Longsleeved minidresses, tons of bracelets, and the wrist tattoo. <3 it.

xoxo, Emily

Not in the Sky, Not Underground...

On Saturday I had the priviledge of attending the Accademia Italiana fashion show 2011, which had the theme "Not in the Sky, Not Underground". Before the show my roommate and I headed across the Arno to our friend Anna's apartment where we joined her, her lovely roommates and some others from Iowa State for appetizers, wine and ample amounts of champagne.
We then hopped into a mess of cabs and went to the show which as at Teatro Saschal which is in the southern part of Florence. We got there in time to view the graphic and interior design exhibitions, and then took our seats for the show to begin. The booming music and outstanding designs and execution of the clothing gave me such an adrenaline rush. The show was fantastic and featured designs from both undergrad and graduate students of the Accademia.  

The knitwear scattered throughout the show's collections were flawless and easily could be implemented into any boutique seamlessly. My favorite looks though from the show include this bridal dress inspired by the Far East Orient, and the GORGEOUS black and purple tulle ballgowns that I think are completely wearable and amazing. A perfect night out with fabulous friends and even more fabulous fashion.