Saturday, January 8, 2011

London's Calling

London is buzzing with energy and I am IN LOVE.
First things first, walking out at Heathrow airport is like walking into a fairytale. I had to storm through a crowd of professional cricket players...yes cricket and stumbled around a fashion mecca.  Pre-teen boys were wearing harem pants and women of all ages were clashing every part of their outfit yet looking so put together. The radio in the taxi was blaring about the football teams (as in soccer) and how David Beckham ruined his career by going to the states (sorry!) I looked anxiously out the window to a sea of stores, billboards, and gorgeous architecture.
No street style pictures today as I was just trying to survive in all the hustle. Stay on the look out for some great London outfits since I will be going to Camden market together.
keep calm, and carry on- Anna

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