Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dream Like New York.
"So many dreams come and go,blink our eyes time flies by, we don't know. Whatever happened to those childhood years when we thought we could fly? Gotta keep those dreams alive..."

I'm not sure what it is about a city that is so inspiring. The food? The people? The scenery? The diversity?Every city has different vibes, different people and a completely different feel. Growing up in a small town and visiting my family in nearby Chicago has made me love the fastpaced lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of developed, urban areas. A song recommended by a friend inspired me to write this post, and made me think about my future goals to move and live in my favorite city, New York City. Every city I have visited in my life, both in the United States and Europe has completely inspired me in an entirely different way. Some cities I feel more stylish, some I feel more artistic, some are historically inspiring but all are amazing and have etched fantastic memories in my mind.  Some may think that if they grew up in a small town that cities are not for them, but I can guarantee that somewhere in the world there is a city that will make you feel at home. Florence, a small city where it feels as though everybody knows everybody, or New York where the city lights blind you at all hours of the night, and so many creative souls gather to achieve their goals of becoming well-known and successful. This post has little to no point, but I guess my advice to you would be get out there and explore. Explore cities, countries, cultures and languages to find out where you fit in best. My time here in Italy is flying by so extremely fast, I can't believe I only have two more months here. Traveling really gives you the best perspective on life and extremely well rounded and accepting views of people. As cliche as it sounds, being alone in a foreign country has made me grow up, find myself and really live each day to its fullest.
 So as best said by Tyrone Wells himself;
"Run on down Broadway, catch the next train and go make your way,".
xoxo, Emily

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