Monday, February 21, 2011

Viva Madrid!

This past weekend, I took a much needed trip outside of beautiful Florence to Madrid, Spain. Me and my roommate Jenna left early on Friday morning with our two girlfriends from L.A (ironically enough named Jenna and Emily).  We took a quick train from Florence to Pisa, where the RyanAir flights go out of, and then from Pisa took a 2 hour flight to Madrid.  I have been to Spain before, but not to Madrid so I was very excited and enthusiastic upon landing there. We hopped into a cab and I immediately fell in love with the modernity of the city and the fastpaced lifestyle which is much more my speed.  We settled into our hostel and began exploring the city. The shopping was amazing, and so was the nightlife. On Friday night we went to Kapital, which is dubbed one of the largest clubs in Europe and it definitely lived up to its title. 7 floors of pure insanity, live dancers & loud music made for an unforgetable night. Saturday we went to el Museo del Prado, which is one of the most popular and most visited art museums in the world. So many pieces of art are located here by amazing artists such as Velasquez, El Greco & Goya. I have been obsessed with art for as long as I can remember . Growing up,my dad and I would go & explore the Art Institute of Chicago for hours and I fell in love with paintings by Edward Hopper,Monet and Georges Seurat. My favorite part of El Prado was definitely seeing Las Meninas by Velasquez and The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. We finished up our Spanish weekend by a night filled with tapas and dancing at an authentic spanish bar/club where the peoplewatching was fantastic. It was SO refreshing to speak Spanish and be able to communicate more effectively. Spain was an amazing getaway with amazing friends that I will never forget. 
xoxo, Emily

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