Monday, March 14, 2011

Brick Lane Treasures

As most of you know by now I am completely obsessed with Brick Lane Market.  Every Sunday there is a up market set up and I thought I had seen it all in my few trips there but I was sadly mistaken.  On my last trip I stumbled through the antique area through a very unnoticeable doorway.  Although antiques don’t necessarily interest me, I found some that tickled my fancy.  Jewelry designer Halo Jones. 
Here is the info I found out about Halo Jones from their website

Halo Jones uses carefully hand picked antique pieces and reassembles them into original and beautiful vintage chains and pins.
A trained gold and silversmith, she combines quality materials and painstaking attention to detail to create designs you will cherish for years to come. Every unique creation is a memoir, with each component representing a chapter in a past story - from grandad's pocket-watch to mum's rhine-stone encrusted brooches - 'Halo Jones' pieces represent the triumph of memory in an ephemeral time”

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