Thursday, March 10, 2011


This past weekend I got the joy of having my two best friends (one being Emily the co-author of this blog) come and visit me in London.  Having my friends by my side in such a gorgeous and lively city was truly a fairytale.  Of course I took them to see all the typical London sights but I realized that the simple joy of shopping with your best friends was something I truly missed.  Even though most of our shopping trips were simply window shopping (until we hit bricklane...but that's another story. sorry bank account) I had missed having my partners in crime next to me to gawk over gorgeous or ridiculous clothes.  Friends are the best critics you can have while shopping. As long as they aren't the kind that will tell you not to buy something simply for the fact that you will outshine them in it (but honestly those wouldn't be your true friends).

So next time you want a new top or dress or anything in between grab your gal pals and hit up high street!

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