Sunday, May 29, 2011

rainy rainy sunday.

I'm sitting at work staring out the window at a torrential downpour.
When I say torrential I mean i'm concerned my car may float away...
Besides the bad hair, running makeup, and soppy jeans there is beauty in rainstorms that I love.
The music on my Ipod shifts to a different tone, curling on the couch watching a movie seems like the perect cure, and you can acutally blame the weather for your lazy day.
Here are my favorite rainy day songs, movies, and crafts :)

180 degrees south- An AMAZING documentary with an even better soundtrack
Dirty Dancing- I can literally never get enough of it, I usually have it on that sad?
Grease-Such a classic, and hey if the storm puts you to sleep it's not like you dont know how it ends.
Gnomeo & Juliet- I know I was skeptical too but trust me its a good laugh
Never Say Never- Sorry I just think he is so precious

my big rainy day project involves a ton of magazines, modge podge & an old dresser. Hopefully this collage idea works!

I do - Colbie Caillat
 Lazy Song- Bruno Mars
Could you be loved - Bob Marley
Spring wind- Jack Johnson
Stay- Sugarland
Wondering where you are- Tyrone Wells
Thinking of me- Olly murs
sleeping to dream- Jason Mraz

When all else fails and you get cabin fever, grab a friend, some rainboots, and your Ipod in a ziploc bag and dance in the rain :)

keep calm&carry on-Anna

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